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Abteilungsbezogene Studiengänge

Hier finden Sie Informationen zu denen am Institut angebotenen Studiengängen

Bachelor (BA) Regional Studies of Latin America (RSL)

Regional Studies of Latin America (RSL) is an interdisciplinary course which you are studying at the Philosophical Faculty as well as at the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences. You will acquire cultural, social, economic and historical methods, which will enable you to a comprehensive analysis of this particular region. The acquisition of intercultural competences enables you to an intermediary role between the cultural area of Europe and Latin America. Furthermore, your professional and linguistic skills as well as the reflected and independent preoccupation with Latin America opens a broad understanding of the contemporary cultural, social, political and economic globalization processes. After graduation you may intensify the subject by the course of a consecutive master program.

Master (MA) Regional Studies of Latin America (RSL)

The master ́s course Regional Studies of Latin America (RSL) imparts extensive knowledge of the cultural and economic region of Latin America in the time between the 15th century and the presence. Owing to the connection of expert knowledge and methods of the disciplines of the humanistic as well as social and economic sciences, students develop a region-specific and practice-oriented qualification profile. The department of Iberian and Latin American History of the Historical Institute as well as some other institutes of the Romance Department and the Faculty of Economic and Social Sciences participate in the cross-faculty combined courses. Besides the compulsory subject Latin American Studies, you study in the optional subject: 

- Economics or Social Sciences

The master ́s course Regional Studies of Latin America (RSL) requires a first professional academic university qualification (e.g. a bachelor ́s program). In any case course-specific admission requirements must be fulfilled. After the master ́s course you will attain a further degree of professional qualification. Moreover, a further scientific qualification is possible, e.g. in the course of a doctorate.


For more information about the requirements of the studies, please contact Dr. Martín Traine

Latin America History 1-Fach-Master (Modern History)

In a research-oriented specialization of the master ́s course, the development of the greater area of Latin American in the time between the conquista and the end of the 20th century will be comprehended and developed in their specifics by using case studies. In the course modern history, 1 subject masterhttp://histinst.phil-fak.uni-koeln.de/1071.html, an emphasis on the area of Latin American history can be put. On the one side, a complete extension module (lecture, advanced seminar) in the course of Latin American history can be attended. Additionally, particular courses of Latin American History can be integrated into the focus modules of modern history studies. In the case of the advanced seminars, Spanish and Portuguese skills on the B1 GER level are required.


For more information about specific requirements of the studies, please contact Prof. Dr. Holger Meding