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Recognition of foreign academic achievements

 In the case of a seminar from a foreign university that is to be recognised as equivalent to a local advanced seminar/ postgraduate seminar, the following conditions apply:

  •     The seminar must be demonstrably for advanced students (3rd year or Segundo ciclo or pos-grado/ post-graduate/ pós-graduação).
  •     A term paper must be written that meets local standards (form of academic work, reference to sources; for advanced seminar equivalence: 20 - 25 pp; for advanced seminar equivalence: 15 - 20 pp).
  •     The successful attendance of the course must be certified and the term paper must be graded.
  •     After a second review by a subject representative (no second correction!), the certificate of equivalence is then usually issued.

In the case of course equivalency, the above-mentioned conditions apply with the exception of the term paper.