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Latin American and Iberian history

  • Spain
  • Portugal
  • Colonial history
  • Independence
  • Latin America


  • 65.000 books and journals
  • DVDs
  • Folletos
  • CDs

Erwin Walter Palm Collection:
The library owns the library of Erwin Walter Palm, about 2000 volumes on art history, architecture, and cultural history of Spain, Portugal, and Latin America.

Books from the Mexican embassy
Books on Mexican history on permament loan from the Mexican embassy.


The books in our library are arranged by subjects. (Please find our detailed classification system here).

The first letter represents a country or subject, the second letter represents a certain subject.
Continous numbers follow the letters,

A-H: Spain
I: North and West Africa
K: Portugal
L-W: Latin America
M: Latin America - general history
N: Collected editions
O: Colonial history
P: Independence
R: West Indies and Guianas
S: Central America
T: Northern Andian states
U: Southern Andian states
V: La Plata states
W: Brasil
X: Philipines
Y: United States
Z: Journals


The Reading Room offers 40 desks and 3 desktop computers for research. The desks have electrical outlets for laptop computers.

The materials may be used in the Reading Room without borrowing privileges.

You can scan material at our work stations. A photo copy machine is located in the foyer of the Philosophikum. You need to buy a copy card.

A microfiche/microfilm reader is available. Please ask the librarian for help.