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The Reading Room offers 40 desks and 3 work stations. The desks have electrical outlets for laptop computers.

The materials may be used in the Reading Room without borrowing privileges.

You can scan material at our work stations. A photo copy machine is located in the foyer of the Philosophikum. You need to buy a copy card.

A microfiche/microfilm reader is available. Please ask the librarian for help.


The books in our library are arranged by subjects. (Please find our detailed classification system here).

The first letter represents a country or subject, the second letter represents a certain subject.
Continous numbers follow the letters,

A-H: Spain
I: North and West Africa
K: Portugal
L-W: Latin America
M: Latin America - general history
N: Collected editions
O: Colonial history
P: Independence
R: West Indies and Guianas
S: Central America
T: Northern Andian states
U: Southern Andian states
V: La Plata states
W: Brasil
X: Philipines
Y: United States
Z: Journals