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Different Resources and How to Use Them

Your instructor assigns a research project and they ask you to include different types of resources. What does that mean and where do you find them?

There are many types of resources! For example:

  • Books (monographs and edited volumes, dissertations, translations, convention reports, ...)
  • Periodicals (newspapers, journals, magazines)
  • Websites

They can all be useful for different reasons!


  • Books and reference books can be found in our library
  • The Cologne University Catalogue is the central search interface covering the entire spectrum of the University libraries collections
  • Use reference books for background research
  • Use non-fiction books for more knowledge about a specific topic


  • Periodicals publish new issues every month, every week, or even every day
  • Journals, magazines, and newspapers are all examples of periodicals
  • Find them in the Cologne University Catalogue by choosing advance search and check the box Journal catalogues (no articles) and enter the journal title or subject


  • The Internet is an amazing source of information, but use it carefully
  • Look for official, authoriative websites. Try to stay away from blogs and forums that tend to lead to people‘s personal opinions
  • Many resources cannot be found for free online


If you have any questions or would like further help, please contact our student assistants or our librarian.